Introducing the TTAG Meeting Varese 2024 Playlist

As we prepare for the 16th Conference on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, scheduled for June 12-14, 2024, in Varese, Italy, we’re pleased to share a special project with you. The “TTAG Meeting Varese 2024 Playlist” on YouTube Music is now available, featuring music from artists within our community.

This playlist is a labor of love, curated by our dedicated members who reached out to talented artists within our community. While these artists may not be household names, their music reflects their personal journeys and unique perspectives shaped by living with Tourette Syndrome.

We encourage you to give it a listen and support our community. The playlist offers a glimpse into the creativity and experiences of our members, making it a unique addition to your music library.

Check out the playlist here. We hope you find it as interesting as we do, and appreciate the effort and stories behind each track.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in Varese!

Feel free to share this post on your social media and with friends to help spread the word about our community and the upcoming conference. Your support makes a world of difference!

TTAG Meeting Varese 2024 Playlist:

To give you more insight into the amazing individuals behind the music, we’ve included self-written introductions from some of the artists. These personal stories provide a deeper understanding of their backgrounds, challenges, and inspirations. Enjoy getting to know the artists behind the TTAG Meeting Varese 2024 Playlist!

  • Bernd Bridges (Bernd Korz and Adam Kesselhaut)
    • As the founder and CEO of alugha GmbH, a leading multilingual video platform, I pursue my passion for creativity and innovation not only in the technology sector but also in the music industry. At 48 years old, I found a powerful ally in music to artistically process my life with Tourette’s syndrome. Together with Adam Kesselhaut, a talented songwriter and close friend, we created the music project “Coprophenomenon,” which not only celebrates the resilience and beauty of my personal struggle but also serves as the soundtrack for our eponymous dramedy series. In this series, which also reflects my endeavors as a tech CEO, we take the audience on a journey full of challenges and triumphs. My musical work knows no bounds: it encourages, connects, and inspires in multiple languages – a true echo of my multifaceted experiences and tireless efforts to overcome barriers.
    • Adam Kesselhaut’s creative odyssey has taken him from the dramatic stages of the opera world to the vibrant heart of the songwriting scene. Closely linked with Bernd Korz, the visionary mind behind alugha GmbH, he left his artistic footprint as the co-creator of the humorous and witty TV series “Bernd Bridges – A Triumph Over the Past”. After founding Bewake Music in Berlin, where he composed hit after hit for various artists, he now dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his own musical paths – both in collaborative projects with Bernd and in his solo endeavors. Despite all resistance, he tirelessly fights as a creative underdog against ignorance and cynicism, showing that true art finds its deserved place beyond the mainstream.
    • Coprophenomenon
  • SpellfireJaMaL
    • My name is Jean-Marc Lorber (aka SpellfireJaMaL). I’ve lived with Tourette’s since the age of nine, and during that period, I stumbled upon an almost mystical bond with music. My father was part of a soul jazz band, and from the outset, I sensed that music provided an outlet for channeling my tic energy into fresh, productive avenues. I playfully refer to my approach as “Neuro Soul,” blending elements of soul and R&B, occasionally incorporating tic samples as beats.
    • iTS just a TIC , so what?!
    • I can fly
  • Virpi Maaria: T.S. I Love You (Mother’s Diary), 2023
    • I am Virpi Maaria Eronen from Finland. I have been working at secondary school with TS, OCD, ADHD and autistic teens and children for years. As we all know, TS and all the other neuropsychiatric challenges are the same in every country, they don’t honor any borders. I am a mother of three beautiful and lovely adult sons. One of them has got TS with many other challenges. He is an adult now, but his childhood was hard: it took two years in hospital and three years in a retarder’s home (no disability diagnosis) before he could live with us at home and go to school nearby. I was fighting like a lion trying to get the best care for him and get him back home! It takes all your heart and strength to try to manage your life living with this syndrome, trying to find help, and most of all -learn to live without your child! And in that time for me it was impossible to show my feelings, all except love and anger! At the end of him being in a retarder’s home I started to write songs about TS, OCD, and most of all about my feelings. How to be a mother in an empty home! These songs helped me to handle my emotions. Now, over ten years later I suddenly found the songs, I listened to them and then sent them to my son. He gave me permission to publish them. So, I made a 13-song album called Virpi Maaria: T.S. I love you (Mother’s Diary). My son told me “Of course you can publish the songs, the album will be Your diary about how you feel being my mother!” If you think my songs could give comfort to anyone fighting with TS and OCD, please share, listen, and feel the moments of my life. I made the songs to deal with and share my deepest thoughts and feelings. Hopefully they can give you some comfort and knowledge that we parents are not alone with our troubles.
    • Sincerely Yours; Virpi Maaria Eronen, Finland.