Become a member

Why become a member?

The most important reason to become a member of TTAG is to support our work worldwide to improve conditions for people with Tourettes Syndrome (TS) and their relatives.

The knowledge about TS and how the condition can affect the life of the person and their close ones is deficient all over the world. Ignorance, stigma and intolerance is a big challenge. The lack of knowledge is evident in all areas of life, from childhood to adulthood.

The availability of competent help and effective treatment varies, largely depending on where the person lives.Although there is some research regarding TS, the research is still characterized by small studies, which doesn’t involve patient and public engagement (PPI).

In many countries, there is still no support in the form of associations or advocacy groups for people with TS and their relatives/ close ones.

We believe in having a stronger voice working together.

The more members supporting us, the bigger and stronger we become!

Membership categories

Tourette- associations

This membership category includes associations working and advocating for people with TS and tic disorders. As a member association, you become part of a larger community working together by sharing and supporting each other. Together we can share experiences and good ideas and gather our resources without repeating our efforts.

Your benefits:

  • increased opportunities to take part in international research
  • opportunities to take part in international project and activities
  • access to joint campaigns for information and awareness
  • opportunity to influence TTAGs work through nominating persons for Board positions, voting rights at the General Assembly, influencing our work program, strategic planning, priorities, and targets.

Support members

This membership category includes organisations/ legal bodies, who through their membership declare their support of TTAGs purposes and aims, professionals
(natural persons) such as clinicians, therapists, doctors, researchers, academics, teachers e.g., and benefactors.

Your benefits:

  • supporting important work for people with TS and their close ones and supporting a good cause.
  • opportunity to contribute in working groups / committees
  • opportunities to take part in international project and activities
  • access to joint campaigns for information and awareness

Membership criteria

  • Associations who want to be TTAG members shall be non- profit associations, have a legally elected board, and be a legally registered entity.
  • Members shall accept the statutes of “TTAG”. 
  • Members shall accept evidence-based treatment criteria and in general accept and disseminate information about evidence-based treatments. 
  • Members shall pay an annual membership fee based on the category of their membership. The membership is for a calendar year.

Application for membership 

  • Admission to the association will be decided by the Board. 
  • Applications for membership in any of the categories must be submitted in writing to the Board. 
  • Applications from associations shall be accompanied by a copy of: 
  • Brief description of the association’s mission and objectives, procedures for election of the board, and geographical work area, in English.
  • Documentation showing that the association is formally registered and the date for this.