TTAG Meeting

at ESSTS 2024 Conference

The TTAG Meeting

“Shifting the Paradigm of Tourette: Embracing Opportunities, Acknowledging Challenges, and Cultivating a Fresh Perspective!”

Date: Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 

Time: 13:00 – 17:00 | 1pm – 5pm CET

TTAG: Accomplishments of a Young Umbrella Organization, The Past Twelve (12) Months

New TTAG association members joining, a new European association on the verge of foundation and news about our TTAG Ambassador Program.

Presenting Michele Dunlap, TTAG President

Keynote Speaker Erica Greenberg: Tourette in Real Life – The Pendulum Swings

Exploring the interconnected realities: social life, family dynamics, stigma, external Influences, age, and gender in Tourette’s experience.

Dr. Erica Greenburg, Director of the Pediatric Psychiatry OCD and Tic Disorders Program, part of the OCRD Program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Instructor at Harvard Medical School.
Specific interests include Tourette Syndrome and related disorders, including OCD, ADHD, and anxiety, the combination of pharmacotherapy and therapy (behavioral and psychodynamically-informed), and teaching/mentoring/administration.

Embracing Opportunities in Education and Work

Exploring strategies and success stories for individuals with Tourette in educational and professional settings and the role of neurodiversity in the corporate environment.
Panel members: students, employees and entrepreneurs touched by TS as well as representatives from the corporate world embracing neurodiversity.

Hosting Marla Shea, TTAG Secretary

Harmonizing Global Initiatives: Fostering Collaboration for Collective Success within the Tourette Associations

Strengthening national and international partnerships to enhance global Tourette Syndrome advocacy and support.

Guest speakers Donatella Comasini (President AIST Onlus) and
Stefano Carrara (President and co-founder of Tourette Italia)

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