Bridging Communities: TTAG Welcomes Stichting Gilles de la Tourette

As we weave together a more inclusive global narrative, Tics and Tourette Across the Globe (TTAG) is delighted to celebrate a new bond with Stichting Gilles de la Tourette from the Netherlands. Our collective fabric is strengthened by the threads of each unique member, and we are joyous to have another vibrant strand join us in this tapestry of change.

Stichting Gilles de la Tourette has distinguished itself with a profound commitment to early recognition of Tourette Syndrome, unwavering support for individuals and families, and a progressive approach to research. Their efforts to spread knowledge, heighten awareness, and cultivate a culture of acceptance resonate deeply with our core values at TTAG.

Our shared path leads to a future replete with compassion and understanding. With the addition of Stichting Gilles de la Tourette, we edge ever closer to realizing a world where individuals with Tourette Syndrome are empowered to shine and recognized as indispensable members of society.

We are eager to embark on this collaborative journey, fostering initiatives and dialogues that promise to uplift and enlighten. Our collective endeavors aim not just to echo but to amplify the voices that strive for positive change.

Let’s extend a heartfelt welcome to our newest family member. Here’s to our united efforts and the meaningful impact we will achieve together.

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