The European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome (ESSTS) was originally established in 2000 in Copenhagen by Professor Mary Robertson and others.

ESSTS aims to coordinate pan-European efforts for the study of Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated disorders and provide a platform for global outreach and educational activities.

One of the major achievements of the Society has been the publication of best practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of TS. ESSTS has also been instrumental in gaining research support for pan-European consortia, promising to shed light into the etiology of TS.

ESSTSs yearly conference is an important meeting place for 200-250 participants on average from all over the world.

ESSTS also contributed to the establishment of European Tourette’s Day, which is celebrated every year on 7 June, together with a European network of TS support and advocacy groups.

TTAG is very grateful for the good collaboration with ESSTS.