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Expanding Our Community: Tourettes Action Joins TTAG

Excitement is in the air at Tics and Tourette Across the Globe (TTAG) as we open our arms to warmly welcome our newest member, Tourettes Action! This addition ushers in a fresh chapter of collaboration and shared aspirations within our growing network.

Tourettes Action stands out with its innovative approaches and passionate advocacy for those affected by Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders. Their membership enriches our collective efforts with new perspectives and inspiring energy that promises to propel us forward in our mission.

This union is more than a mere expansion; it’s a celebration of unity and a reinforcement of our global tapestry of support. It amplifies our voice and strengthens our resolve to confront challenges and celebrate achievements together.

Let’s embrace this momentous occasion and look forward with anticipation to the unique contributions Tourettes Action will bring. Here’s to new ventures, impactful projects, and a future where our united efforts ignite change!

Join us in saying a big, heartfelt ‘Welcome!’ to Tourettes Action.

#TTAGWelcomes #StrongerTogether #TouretteAdvocacy